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We offer 6 year round microbrews plus 4 Seasonal brews. Ask your server what special blend our Brewmaster has prepared to reflect the season and flavor of our area!

$5 Pints ~ $15 Pitchers ~ $16 Growlers ~ $11 Refill Growlers
*unless otherwise noted

American Pale Wheat
This is not a traditional beer!  It is a hybrid of 2 distinct styles: an American Pale Ale & a Wheat.  This brew has the smoothness of a wheat beer, but with a crisp hop presence from the Pale Ale side.  The citrus aroma & flavor offset the hops & make this a beer you can truly sit & relax with.  (ABV 5.6%)

Apricot Ale
This medium-bodied ale is deep golden with hues of orange.  After fermentation, 300 pounds of apricots were added to give this tangy apricot beer great flavor & aroma.  This brew is very light & refreshing, perfect for these hot summer days & nights! (ABV 4.9%)

Dells Pilsner
Our pilsner is a more traditional example of the world's most popular beer style. The German medium-bodied lager is brewed with domestic Pilsner Malt & Hallertauer Hops for a crisp, hoppy flavor. (ABV 5%)

Hazel's Nut House Ale
BEER CONTAINS TREENUTS!  Rich malts create a toffee & butterscotch flavor; combined with hazelnuts this brown ale has a great nutty twis, like Hazel herselft!  (ABV 6.2%)

Honey Ale
Brewed with clover honey, this bright golden ale is both thirst quenching & easy on the tastebuds. (ABV 4%)
Honey Ale is now available in 6-packs to-go at Moosejaw or at Buffalo Phil's!

Kilbourn Hop Ale
In 1842, the first hop farms appeared in Sauk County.  The heart of the hops boom was in Kilbourn City (now Wisconsin Dells). This medium-bodied amber ale has a pleasant hoppy flavor & aroma. Locally grown hops are harvested from Brownie Zinke's Hop Farm & are used to create this one-of-a-kind ale. (ABV 5.5%)  Kilbourn Hop Ale is now available in 6 packs to-go at Moosejaw.

A traditional American style Porter, which is dark brown, medium-bodied & served in an English pint. This brew has a smooth chocolate flavor from chocolate malts, but is perfectly balanced with a combination of American finishing hops.  (ABV 5.8%)  $6 English Pint, $16 Pitcher, $17 New Growler, $13 Growler Refill

Raspberry Ale
A mild-bodied aromatic brew with a hint of sweet raspberry flavor. (ABV 4%)

Rustic Red
A rustic American red ale with caramel & aromatic Munich malts for smooth drinkability & sweet, malty finish. (ABV 5%) Rustic Red was the first bottled microbrew in the Dells, you can buy it in 6-packs to-go at Moosejaw or at Buffalo Phil's! 

Tripel Trouble
Our tripel is light-bodied with a slightly sweet, slightly fruity flavor.  Don't let this potent golden ale get you in is super drinkable, but has a high alcohol content.  The Belgian yeast used provide a crisp, dry flavor that pairs wonderfully with our Bruschetta, Veggie Wrap or Portabella Moose-shroom Melt. (ABV 9.3%)

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