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We offer 6 year round microbrews plus 4 Seasonal brews. Ask your server what special blend our Brewmaster has prepared to reflect the season and flavor of our area!

$5 Pints ~ $15 Pitchers ~ $16 Growlers ~ $11 Refill Growlers
*unless otherwise noted

Apple Ale
Our Apple Ale is big on apple with 480 pounds of apples added after fermentation.  It has a light, smooth & slightly sweet taste that is extremely refreshing.  Our suggestion is to do as the doctors say & have an apple (or two) a day! Enjoy a pint with our warm Bread Pudding for a real treat! (ABV 4.6%)  

Apricot Ale
This medium-bodied ale is deep golden with hues of orange.  After fermentation, 300 pounds of apricots were added to give this tangy apricot beer great flavor & aroma.  This brew is very light & refreshing, perfect for these hot summer days & nights! (ABV 4.9%)

Dells Pilsner
Our pilsner is a more traditional example of the world's most popular beer style. The German medium-bodied lager is brewed with domestic Pilsner Malt & Hallertauer Hops for a crisp, hoppy flavor. (ABV 5%)

Hazel's Nut House Ale
BEER CONTAINS TREENUTS!  Rich malts create a toffee & butterscotch flavor; combined with hazelnuts this brown ale has a great nutty twis, like Hazel herselft!  (ABV 6.2%)

Honey Ale
Brewed with clover honey, this bright golden ale is both thirst quenching & easy on the tastebuds. (ABV 4%)
Honey Ale is now available in 6-packs to-go at Moosejaw or at Buffalo Phil's!

Imperial IPA
This Imperial IPA is medium-bodied with a high hop flavor.  We dry-hopped it with Simcoe & Chinook Hops to give it a great flavor & aroma for a well-balanced beer!  (ABV 9.7%)

Old-Fashioned Cream Ale
A true to style American Cream Ale which contrary to the name does not contain dairy.  This is a perfect beer when you want just an honest to goodness beer!  It's light & smooth in flavor, try a pint along with our Wisconsin Beer Brat!  (ABV 4.5%)

Pumpkin Ale
This medium-bodied ale has a brilliant orange color just like a pumpkin!  The mash was cooked with 144 pounds of pumpkin meat along with various barleys & wheat.  This unique ale was also dry-spiced with cinnamon & nutmeg. Our Pumpkin Ale would taste great with the Portabella Moose-Shroom Melt!  (ABV 5.4%)

Raspberry Ale
A mild-bodied aromatic brew with a hint of sweet raspberry flavor. (ABV 4%)

Rustic Red
A rustic American red ale with caramel & aromatic Munich malts for smooth drinkability & sweet, malty finish. (ABV 5%) Rustic Red was the first bottled microbrew in the Dells, you can buy it in 6-packs to-go at Moosejaw or at Buffalo Phil's! 

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