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September 2014

We now have Honey Ale, Kilbourn Hop Ale, Hazel's Nut House Ale & our award-winning Rustic Red in 6 packs to-go with more brands to come soon!  

Stop in to pick up a 12 pack sampler with 3 bottles of each of the following:  Honey Ale, Kilbourn Hop Ale, Rustic Red & Hazel's Nut House Ale!

Available in 16oz. cans:  Relaxin' Raspberry, American Pale Wheat, Honey Ale & Kilbourn Hop Ale! 

Also available in 6 packs are our Root Beer, Grape, Orange & Kiwi Lime Classic Sodas. Or get a Soda 12 pack with 3 bottles of each!  

We have 5 seasonal selections on tap at all times.  Below are the brews that will be in the lineup right now.  The proper descriptions of these beers are below for your reading enjoyment & beer education.

Pumpkin Ale:  This medium-bodied ale has a brilliant orange color just like a pumpkin!  The mash was cooked with 144 pounds of pumpkin meat along with various barleys & wheat.  This unique ale was also dry-spiced with cinnamon & nutmeg.  Our Pumpkin Ale would taste great with the Portabella Moose-Shroom Melt!  (ABV 5.4%)

Apple Ale:  Our Apple Ale is big on apple with 480 pounds of apples added after fermentation.  It has a light, smoth & slightly sweet taste that is extremly refreshing.  Our suggestion is to do as the doctors say & have an apple (or two) a day.  Enjoy a pint with our warm Bread Pudding for a real treat!  (ABV 4.6%)

Oktoberfest:  This traditional beer of the fall festival season is a medium-bodied Vienna lager which is very malty with a creamy texture. The extreme smoothness of this beer is contributed to a very careful & slow fermentation on German lager yeast.  (ABV 5.7%) 

Old-Fashioned Cream Ale:  A true to syle American Cream Ale which contrary to the name does not contain dairy.  This is a perfect beer when you just want an honest to goodness beer!  It's light & smooth in flavor, try a pint with our Wisconisn Beer Brat!  (ABV 4.5%) 

Imperial IPA:  This Imperial IPA is medium-bodied with a high hop flavor.  We dry-hopped it with Simcoe & Chinook Hops to give it a great flavor & aroma for a well-balanced beer.  (ABV 9.7%) 


Our year-round selections include:  Honey Ale, Relaxin' Raspberry, Rustic Red, Kilbourn Hop Ale & Hazel's Nut House Ale!

Certain selections are on tap at our sister restaurant, Buffalo Phil's Pizza & Grille, or try Knuckleheads Bowling & Indoor Amusment Park, Zap's Tap, Otto's Supper Club, Scooters Pub & Grill, Nig's, Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort, Great Wolf Lodge & The Old-Fashioned!



Ein Prosit!
Jamie Baertsch 


A traditional American style Porter, which
is dark brown, medium-bodied & served
in an English pint. This brew has a
smooth chocolate flavor from chocolate
malts, but is perfectly balanced with a combination of American finishing hops.
$6 English Pint, $14 Pitcher,
$16 New Growler, $13 Growler Refill.

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