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We offer 12 microbrews on tap at all times, plus an assortment of our bottled/canned brews. Check below for icons that show you if it’s available on tap or in a bottle or can. Beers on tap can always be purchased in a 1/2 gallon growler to-go or in Pitchers – 24 to 28

REMEMBER: Beer needs to be kept COLD, always store your beer in the fridge.
No one’s garage/basement/pantry stays at 40 degrees year round.
A beer that has a shelf life of 45 days at 40 degrees has a shelf life of 11 days at room temperature.

8 Point Buck – Beer Sampler

Choose 8 beers from the list (numbered 1-12) below, served in 5oz. sample glasses – 16

Da 12 Pointer – Beer Sampler

All 12 beers from the list above, in 5oz. sample glasses – 22


The perfect blend of cranberry & cherry flavors, our low calorie seltzer is less sweet & less filling than traditional beer. (ABV 5.5%) Glass – 7

2. Honey Ale

Brewed with clover honey, this bright golden ale is easy on the tastebuds. (ABV 4%) Glass – 7


SILVER MEDAL 2018 World Beer Championship
This blonde ale has tasty flavors of strawberry & lemon.
(ABV 4.3%)  Glass – 7

4. relaxin’ raspberry

SILVER MEDAL 2018 World Beer Championship
Relax away your day, with a mild bodied, raspberry ale in hand. (ABV 4%) Glass – 7


A rustic American red ale made with caramel malt for a sweet, malty finish. (ABV 5%) Glass – 7

6. hey peaches, where’s my cream?

Sweet, juicy peach flavor balanced with the smoothness of cream. (ABV 4.3%) Glass – 7

7. cold ipa

This unique style of IPA is fermented with Lager yeast, but at Ale yeast (COLDER) temperatures. It is a crisp, light beer that is very strong & very hoppy with Chinook, Centennial & Cascade Hops. Finishes smooth! (ABV 7.7%) Glass – 7


A juicy, hazy IPA packed with the aroma of tropical fruit & pine, but without the usual IPA bitterness. (ABV 7.8%) Glass – 7

9. scotch ale

Classic Scotch Ale with rich, caramel tones & a smooth smokiness. (ABV 6.2%) Glass – 7


BRONZE MEDAL 2016 World Beer Championship
Flavors of butterscotch, hazelnut & toffee give this brown ale a great nutty twist, like Hazel herself! (ABV 6.2%) Glass – 7

11. imperial maibock

This deep golden lager has a strong, malty sweetness along with a delicate floral hop aroma. (ABV 8.2%) Glass – 8

12. barrel aged coconut rum porter

Aged for over a year, the coconut rum barrels were the perfect complement to the deep, rich flavor of caramel & cocoa sweetness in the porter. (ABV 11.1%) Glass – 8


The perfect light pear flavor for a refreshing drink! Our low calorie seltzer is less sweet & less filling than traditional beer.(ABV 5.5%) Cans only – 7


Clean & crisp pale golden ale with only 118 calories. (ABV 4.5%) Cans only – 7


A smooth golden ale that’s close in profile to domestic beer. It’s a microbrew, but very easy drinking. (ABV 6%) Cans only – 7


SILVER MEDAL 2018 World Beer Championship
A smash-up of Wisconsin cranberries, sweet & tart cherries, it’s sweet with a bright red color. (ABV 4.2%) Cans only – 7


155 gallons of unfiltered cider give this brew a light, smooth & slightly sweet taste. (ABV 4.5%) Cans only – 7

Goose jaw Iced Coffee Stout

Made from Colombian coffee beans roasted by our friends at Bella Goose Coffee in Wisconsin Dells. This slightly sweet & very boozy iced coffee is the perfect pick me up after a long day of playing tourist! (ABV 8.3%) Cans only – 7


This medium-bodied amber ale has a pleasant hoppy flavor & aroma. (ABV 5.5%) Bottles only – 7


Hoppy & fruity with bold flavors & a fantastic aroma, this is a great new twist on an IPA! (ABV 7.1%) Bottles only – 7

oatmeal cream stouts

Using oats gives this stout a delicious creamy texture (ABV 6.5%) Bottles only – 7

IMPERIAL vanilla cream ale

Smooth, rich & boozy our cream ale (with real vanilla beans) shows that you can experience quality beer without being overwhelmed with big hops & body! (ABV 9.6%) Bottles only – 8.50

This is Bull barrel aged belgian

This Belgian Red has rich, complex flavors of dark fruit & wine from
aging in merlot, peach & orange brandy barrels. (ABV 10.3%) Bottles only – 8.50

brandy barrel aged WISCONSIN MUDDLER

This brew will remind you of an Old Fashioned; it’s aged in brandy barrels with hints of orange & cherry. (ABV 11.3%) Bottles only – 8.50


Relaxin’ Raspberry mixed with Sierra Mist for a refreshing drink! Glass – 7


Bottle/Can – 7 or 6 Pack – 15.99 (Mix & Match flavors, excludes Imperial & Barrel Aged Beers!)
Imperial or Barrel Aged Specialty Bottle – 8.50 or 4 Pack – 18.99 (Choose: Imperial Vanilla Cream, Brandy Barrel Aged Wisconsin Muddler or This is Bull Barrel Aged Belgian)

Variety 12 Pack – 29.99 (4 to 6 assorted flavors in 12oz bottles)
Sconnie 12 Pack – 24.99 (3 cans each of Light, Ale, Smash & Hazy Hop)
Growler – 28 to 32 / Refill Growler – 24 to 28


People ask once in awhile about storing our barrel aged bottled beer. Our barrel aged beers have already “cellared” in the barrel for 12-24 months. When we bottle it, it’s ready for drinking, we’ve already aged it for you.

If you really want to try to cellar beer…
1. Try Imperial Stout, Barleywine or Scotch Ales. Remember the flavor of the beer will change with age… could be for the better (flavors smooth out more) or could be much worse (think oxidation, stale fruity & wet paper taste).
2. Store the beer between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit & don’t move the bottles around.
3. Drink a bottle fresh. Then open a bottle after 4-6 months to try it out. If you think the flavor has improved let the next bottle age until you hit 1 year. Open another bottle after 1 year to try it again. It’s all up to you… it’s your tastebuds & your money!

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