We have something for every appetite & every meal comes with Moose Antlers!


We offer 12 microbrews on tap at all times, plus an assortment of our bottled/canned brews. Ask your server if you’d like some beer to-go. WE CAN NOT SHIP BEER or SODA!

8 Point Buck – Beer Sampler

Choose 8 beers from the list (numbered 1-12) below, served in 5oz. sample glasses – 15

Da 12 Pointer – Beer Sampler

All 12 beers from the list above, in 5oz. sample glasses – 19

1. Sconnie PRIZED PEAR Seltzer

The perfect light pear flavor for a refreshing summer drink! Our low calorie seltzer is less sweet & less filling than traditional beer. (ABV 5.5%) Glass – 7

2. Honey Ale

Brewed with clover honey, this bright golden ale is easy on the tastebuds. (ABV 4%) Glass – 7

3. Strawberry Lemon-Ale

SILVER MEDAL 2018 World Beer Championship
This blonde ale has tasty flavors of strawberry & lemon. (ABV 4.3%) Glass – 7

4. Relaxin’ Raspberry

SILVER MEDAL 2018 World Beer Championship
Relax away your day, with a mild bodied, raspberry ale in hand. (ABV 4%) Glass – 7

5. Rustic Red

SILVER MEDAL 2008 Great American Beer Festival
A rustic American red ale made with caramel malt for a sweet, malty finish. (ABV 5%) Glass – 7

6. Kilbourn Hop Ale

In 1842, the heart of the hops boom was in Kilbourn City (now the Dells). This medium bodied amber ale has a pleasant hoppy flavor & aroma. (ABV 5.5%) Glass – 7

7. West Coast IPA

A big bite up front with lots of pine & citrus aroma from dry hopping. (ABV 7.3%) Glass – 7

8. Sconnie Hazy Hop

A juicy, hazy IPA packed with the aroma of tropical fruit & pine, but without the usual IPA bitterness. (ABV 7.8%) Glass – 7

9. Hazel’s Nut House

BRONZE MEDAL 2016 World Beer Championship
Flavors of butterscotch, hazelnut & toffee give this brown ale a great nutty twist, like Hazel herself! (ABV 6.2%) Glass – 7

10. milk STOUT

Milk sugar & oats give this brew additional creamy body & smoothness with hints of chocolate flavor that lasts from start to finish. (ABV 5.3%) Glass – 7


Smooth, rich & boozy our cream ale shows that you can experience quality beer without being overwhelmed with big hops & body (ABV 9.6%) Glass – 8

12. Belgian chardonnay

Our chardonnay barrel aged Belgian ale is a brew that you don’t want to miss! With the flavor of nectarines & apricots, it’s sure to please (ABV 10.4%) Glass – 8

Raspberry Shandy

Relaxin’ Raspberry mixed with Sierra Mist for a refreshing drink – 7

Apple Ale

155 gallons of unfiltered cider give this brew a light, smooth & slightly sweet taste. (ABV 4.5%) 16oz Cans only – 5

sconnie cranberry cherry seltzer

The perfect blend of flavors, our low calorie seltzer is less sweet & less filling than traditional beer. (ABV 3.6%) Cans only – 5

Sconnie Light

Clean & crisp pale golden ale with only 118 calories. (ABV 4.3%) Cans only – 5

Sconnie Ale

Easy-drinking & smooth, this golden ale is close in profile to a domestic. (ABV 6.2%) Cans only – 5

Sconnie Smash

SILVER MEDAL 2018 World Beer Championship
A smash-up of Wisconsin cranberries, sweet & tart cherries, it’s sweet with a bright red color. (ABV 4.2%) Cans only – 5

watermelon ipa

Hoppy & fruity with bold flavors & a fantastic aroma, this is a great new twist on an IPA! (ABV 6%)  Bottles only – 5


Bottle/Can – 5
4 Pack – 10.99 (Mix & Match flavors, excludes Barrel Aged Beers!)
6 Pack – 13.99 (Mix & Match flavors, excludes Barrel Aged Beers!)

Variety 12 Pack – 26.99 (4 to 6 assorted flavors in 12oz bottles)
Sconnie 12 Pack – 24.99 (3 cans each of Ale, Light, Smash & Hazy Hop)
Growler – 25 to 30 / Refill Growler – 20 to 25