We have something for every appetite & every meal comes with Moose Antlers!

Specialty Drinks

We have 3 Full Bars. Ask your server for your favorite alcoholic drink or try one of our Moosejaw Specialty Drinks below.

Strawberry Lemonade

Big enough to share or just make ‘em sit & stare! A half liter of Strawberry Rum & lemonade to chase away the thirst – 9.50

Moosejaw Mary

Vodka mixed with spicy tomato juice, then topped off with celery salt, lemon, lime, pickle, olives & asparagus – 9.50

Cherry Cream Fizz

It tastes like a Cherry Cream Soda, but is made with Absolut Vanilla, Ginger Ale & cherries – 9.50

Blue Canadian Stream

This sweet mix of vodka, blue curacao, sweet & sour plus Sierra Mist remind you of the clear blue waters of Canadian streams & the taste will have you asking for another – 9.50

Caramel Rum Pie

Kahlua, rum & schnapps mixed with ice cream mix & topped off with whipped cream & graham cracker crumbs – 9.50